Seminario de la FCAG

Título: Yellow hypergiant V509 Cas – stable in the “Yellow Void”

A cargo de: Dra. Anni Kasikov (Observatorio Tartu, Estonia)

Viernes 1 de diciembre a las 14:30 hs, en el Salón Meridiano

Resumen: The evolution of massive stars is not well understood, that is especially true for yellow hypergiant stars. V509 Cas is a well-known example of them. In the past 100 years it has suffered eruptive mass-loss episodes during which its temperature, luminosity and other physical parameters have changed rapidly. However, recently this star has reached a period of stability that has not been observed before. I will talk about the variability and surrounding envelope of V509 Cas and what the future could hold for yellow hypergiants.

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