International Summer School: Stellar Winds and Outflows

The “International Summer School: Stellar Winds and Outflows” will take place at Hotel Skicentrum in Harrachov in the Czech Republic in the period 3.-15. September 2023.

The subject of the school is devoted to stellar winds and stellar outflows in a diversity of stars and evolutionary stages, with focus on massive stars. The goal of the school is to educate and train the next generation of researchers in stellar wind theory and in modeling of stellar winds, outflows, and wind-ISM interactions with sophisticated tools. Moreover, the school aims to raise
awareness about the importance of winds and mass loss throughout stellar evolution.

Topics that will be covered include:

     • Winds along stellar evolution
     • Observations of stellar winds
     • Radiative transfer and stellar atmospheres
     • Introduction to (magneto-)hydrodynamics
     • Radiation driven winds of hot stars
     • Introduction to the stellar atmosphere code TLUSTY
     • Introduction to the stellar wind code CMFGEN
     • Winds and outflows from massive pre-main sequence stars
     • Interaction between stellar winds and the ISM – the formation of astrospheres
     • Winds and outbursts of evolved massive stars (luminous blue supergiants, yellow hypergiants)
     • Theoretical treatment of pulsationally driven stellar winds

The lectures will be accompanied by hand-on sessions.

The capacity of the school is limited to 40 students. There is no registration fee to attend the school. Registration for the school is already open and will close on July 31.

For more details, please visit the webpage of the school: