Seminario de la FCAG

Título: “Mapping the Hubble flow from z~0 to z~7.5 with HII galaxies”

A cargo del Profesor Honorario Dr. Roberto Terlevich

MARTES 12 – 11h – Salón Meridiano

Resumen: I will discuss the tight relation between ionized gas velocity dispersions and Balmer emission line luminosities in HII galaxies and Giant HII regions, its implications and its use as distance indicator to trace the expansion of the Universe up to z ~ 9 with JWST. This approach yields tight independent constraints on H0, Ωm and the Dark Energy equation of state parameter w. The concordance between our determinations of H0, Ωm and w with those from SNIa, BAO and Planck provides empirical support for a universal IMF.

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